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Seven years of

Time goes fast. To celebrate our seventh year we’re taking a moment to share seven articles that encapsulate our journey to date and where the future is taking us.


You will never make it

Pull up a pew as we talk to Dermot O’Shea, who founded WONDR seven event-filled years ago.

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7 Years in Projects

We asked the team to select their favourite projects and share with us why they have personal significance.

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Hola Barcelona

There’s a lot of synergy between the Catalan people and the Irish people, so we’re delighted to expand WONDR into Barcelona.

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AI Led Design

For the last year WONDR have been practicing design with AI technology embedded directly into our flows and processes.

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A Financial Revolution

Personal finance is evolving (and not before time). WONDR has worked with 11Onze to help them create the next evolution in fintech.

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Culture is Creative

Over the last seven years WONDR has grown into a healthy mix of international talent, jackeens and culchies.

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Seven Years in Moments

A lot can happen in seven years. Although we might count time in minutes, days and years, we measure their value in moments.

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